The Beers of Mutantis

We’ll be honest: packaging beer was not originally part of our business plan!  We always aimed to be a place for people to hang out and sample many different beers, but due to COVID-19 making that (temporarily) impossible, we had to come up with a packaging plan.  We settled on these “Twistee” cans as being the perfect compromise between glass bottles and aluminum cans, since they’re as easy to fill as bottles but have the lightness and sturdiness of aluminum.  We purge them with CO2 and fill them under pressure, so they hold carbonation as well as any other form of packaging.  At 750 mL (25.4 oz), they hold just a little more than two 12-oz pours–the perfect amount for enjoying, either by yourself or with your COVID pod-mates!

For the most accurate list of what we currently have available, visit our online store at, which is always up to date!