The Beers of Mutantis

We never brew the same recipe twice, so it can be a struggle to keep up with our current offerings. Below is our line up (not including our keg infusions series) as of March 27h, 2022.

(For the most accurate list of what we currently have available, including beers from other breweries, visit our online store at, which is always up to date!)

Italian Pilsner

Not to be confused with bland Italian macrobrewed lagers, this flavorful pilsner is bursting with floral noble hop aromas and sweet crackery millet malt flavor. Deep gold in color, with a refreshing light body, it’s a classic “beer-flavored beer”!

Pre-Prohibition Porter

If ever there was a warm-weather dark beer, this is it! Unlike roasty modern robust porters, pre-prohibition porters are crisp and fruity, getting their color from caramelized sugars rather than roasted malts. Ours features malted corn as well, and drinks like a dark kölsch more than anything.

Juicy Pale Ale

A different take on the “juicy” paradigm–less tropical, more berry, melon, and stone fruit! Features Belma, Jarrylo, and Calypso hops, with a ton of malted buckwheat and caramel millet malts in the grain bill, and a touch of earthy buckwheat honey that gives it a nice lingering sweetness.

Oyster Mushroom Stout

This peculiar Irish-style dry stout was brewed with oyster mushrooms, and conditioned on spirulina and raw cacao. For all that, it’s a surprisingly subtle beer, quite light in flavor for such a dark beer, and exceptionally easy to drink.

Sour IPA

There is no fruit in this beer. We repeat: there is NO FRUIT in this beer! Nevertheless, it tastes remarkably like a hop-flavored mimosa–citrusy and smooth, with a spicy hop aroma and a juicy finish. At 3.5% ABV, it’s also extremely sessionable, making it the perfect brunch beer!

Tribute Double IPA

This is not the greatest beer in the world, no…this is just a tribute! Brewed in the original West Coast tradition, featuring classic Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, CTZ, and Simcoe hops, it’s full of piney and grapefruity flavors that were all the rage back in the 20th century.

Coffee & Pie Sour Stout

A deep and dark grain base with lots of caramel millet malt is moderately soured with lactobacillus helveticus, then fermented with tart and sweet cherries. It is then conditioned with cold-brewed coffee and aged on cherry wood, for a complex yet harmonious beer that is both bright and earthy at the same time!


Mochi Donut Sesame Porter

Brewed in collaboration with Mikiko Mochi Donuts, a dedicated gluten-free bakery. It features 3 dozen of their actual donuts in the mash (they are dairy-free but contain egg and coconut). We also used some of their black sesame paste, which adds a subtle earthy bitterness to this rich chocolatey brew.


Extra Terrestrial Pub Ale

This English-style ESB was developed to showcase Grouse Malting & Roasting’s new Griffin millet malt, a dark caramel malt that is kilned rather than roasted. Despite its low ABV, it has a rich malt flavor with notes of graham cracker and gingersnap. The sulfate-rich water profile of Burton-on-Trent lends a refreshing minerality.