The Beers of Mutantis

We never brew the same recipe twice, so it can be a struggle to keep up with our current offerings. Below is our line up (not including our keg infusions series or “tiny batch” taproom exclusive) as of September 29th, 2022.

If you would like to order a keg, send an email to for our current availability. All kegs are 5.17 gallons and require 48 hours of notice to be filled.

Hop Trifecta Juicy IPA

Our flagship New England-style juicy IPA (now available year-round) features a smooth malt base of millet, rice, and quinoa, with the style-defining fruity English ale yeast and a soft pillowy mouthfeel. Low in bitterness but huge on aroma, we use a different trio of hops on each batch. The current version uses a combination of BRU-1, Cashmere, and Cryo-Pop™ hops, for some seriously juicy flavors of peach, melon, and guava.

Sour Chicha

Our flagship Andean-inspired sour corn and quinoa beer is one of the most unique styles we offer. Soured in the brew kettle using Lactobacillus helveticus, then blended with fruit and hot-fermented with Norwegian Voss Kviek yeast, it’s as far from a traditional chicha as it is from a traditional European beer. The fruit varies with each batch; currently it’s strawberry, along with hibiscus and Tanzanian vanilla beans.

Mexican Amber Lager

Our newest flagship beer is very much a New World take on a Vienna lager. Featuring lots of malted organic corn and a melange of toasted millet and rice malts, it has a lot of malt complexity and a gorgeous crystal-clear amber color. However, thanks to a clean Mexican lager yeast and a long lagering process, it’s surprisingly crisp and refreshing!

Mixed-Culture Sour Red

Our first bottled beer is an homage to wild-fermented Belgian red ales. We may not have the right microbes floating around in our air, but thanks to a mixed fermentation by Brettanomyces and Lachancea Thermotolerans and aging on tart plums, there’s plenty of farmhouse funk!

Rice Lager

Our loving homage to the super-dry rice lagers of Japan, this “crispy boi” is well-balanced, refreshing, and pairs well with nearly everything! New Zealand Wakatu and Pacifica hops contribute some graceful tropical nuances to make this beer stand out from typical pale lagers.

West of Sensible IPA

With this beer, we wanted to really push past a sensible amount of bitterness and create a real palate-wrecker. Hopped entirely with CTZ, it’s got the classic West Coast citrus and pine flavors and a powerful lingering bitterness, which is barely kept in balance by a substantial amount of caramel millet malts.

Hefe Teff’n’Rice’n

Bavaria by way of…Ethiopia? A hefe, minus the weizen, brewed instead with ivory teff, quinoa, and malted rice. A classic Munich hefe yeast gives it the proper banana/clove aroma, hazy appearance, and refreshing tartness. Lightly-hopped and very refreshing!

Wüb Coffee Stout

Commissioned by our other top-tier Indiegogo backer, this rich dark beer is medium-bodied, low in bitterness, and features an extremely diverse grain bill with a veritable rainbow of roasted millet and rice malts. Cold-brewed espresso blended in during conditioning enhances the roasty richness. Try it in a stout float with your favorite ice cream!