Gluten-Free Artisanal Micro-Malts!

All of our beer recipes are formulated to showcase the growing selection of artisanal gluten-free malted grains.  With three small-scale gluten-free malt companies offering dozens of specialty roasts of 7 different species of grains, we’ve got a lot to play with!  We source our malts from these fine suppliers:

Grouse Malt House (Wellington, CO): malted white proso millet, malted buckwheat, malted maize, quinoa
Eckert Malting and Brewing (Chico, CA): malted California-grown rice varieties
Colorado Malting Company (Alamosa, CO): malted red and white proso millets, malted buckwheat, malted sunflower seeds

Never Rest. Never Repeat.

At Mutantis, we have a singular purpose: advancing the craft of gluten-free brewing.  Everything we brew is an experiment, and we never repeat the same brew twice!  There is no style we won’t attempt, no ingredient we won’t try (as long as it’s wholesome and gluten-free), and no part of the process we won’t tweak and refine.

Fresher is Better!

Beer doesn’t last forever, and many styles do not age well.  We want our beers to be enjoyed at peak freshness, so we brew small batches for local consumption only—and that’s the way we plan to stay!  We’re not out to flood the market or build an international distribution empire, we’re just here to make the best beer possible for the greater Portland area!