Homebrew Recipes

Since we never brew the same recipe twice, we share 5-gallon homebrew recipes in PDF format for every beer we release–if you miss a particular beer, you can always brew up some more yourself! We’re always happy to answer questions about homebrewing, and eventually we plan to offer homebrewing classes as well.  You can find everything you need from the good folks at Gluten Free Home Brewing.

*Note: these recipes are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.  You are free to use and distribute them for any purpose, provided you attribute them to Mutantis Brewery & Bottle Shop and/or Jason Yerger.  If you’re a commercial brewery, the same applies–feel free to brew our recipes as long as you attribute the beer to us!

Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Beers of 2ND HALF 2021:

Buckwheat Stout V2
Cold IPA
Extra Terrestrial Pub Ale
Honey Rose Golden Ale
Sour Saison
West Coast Citrus IPA

Beers of MAR-JUN 2021:

Abbey Dubbel 1
Russian Imperial Stout 1
Sour Mango Chicha 1
Mutator Doppelbock 1
Happoshu Pale Lager 1
Hop Trifecta Hazy 1
Blueberry Wit 1

Beers OF JAN/FEB 2021:

Black Lime Saison-1
Winter Gruit-1
Extra Dry IPA-1
British Porter-1
Hazy Guava IPA-1
Deep Blonde-1
Vanilla Stout-1
Passionfruit Sour-1

Beers OF NOV/DEC 2020:

SMaSH Pale 1
Old Stock 1
Dessert Amber 1
Cream Ale 1
Buckwheat Stout 1
5-Grain Saison 1