~The Gluten-Free Beer of Yer Dreams~

Dedicated Gluten-Free & Vegan | Queer & Trans Owned

Located at 6719 NE 18th Ave, Portland OR 97211

Minors & Dogs Always Welcome In Our Taproom
All-Gender Restroom w/Changing Table
Indoor & Outdoor Seating
Off-Hours Tasting/Pickup Appointments Available!

Featuring 100% Gluten-Free Food By

Corndogs, Funnel Cakes, Fried Chicken, and More! 100% Gluten Free with Vegan Options!

Fri 12-7:30 PM
Sat 12-7:30 PM
Sun 1-7 PM

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Tap List (as of Feb 23, 2024)

Beer Name ABV Base
Citra Spruce Pale Ale 5.50% Rice, Millet
Hop Trifecta Cold IPA 6.20% Rice, Millet
Helles Golden Lager 4.90% Rice, Millet
Doom Loop Light Beer 3.30% Rice
Mexican Amber Lager 4.90% Corn, Millet
Sour Blackberry Chicha 5.30% Corn, Rice, Agave
Cranberry Tart Chicha 5.90% Corn, Rice, Agave
Wild Magic Ale Wine 9.00% Millet, Sugar (Beet)
Zwert Black Lager 5.40% Rice, Millet, Buckwheat
Buckwheat Stout 3 6.00% Rice, Millet, Buckwheat
Pineapple Hop Cider 6.00% GUEST TAP: Swift Cider
Queen of the Apples 6.40% GUEST TAP: Bauman’s Cider

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